Beware! Words have powers!

Do you think you can learn the spells to master them?

You won't have come across an English course like Word Weavers before. It comes in a magic box (I told you it was different!) and is the most enjoyable way of learning English that has ever been invented.

It's written in the form of an exciting interactive story, in which a friendly Wizard shows your child the spells they need to control those impish little things called words.

It is colourful and engaging, and covers everything your child needs to know about English from the age of 8 - 13.

How It Works

Students begin as a Word Weaving Apprentice and work their way up through 3 or 4 levels, depending on their starting age and ability, until they become a Master Word Weaver. Each level consists of an attractive textbook with an audio CD. Students also have a Spell Book and a dictionary. There are 10 tutor marked assignments with each level together with self-check exercises. As with all my other courses there is unlimited (within reason!) phone and email support from myself.

Why is it so effective?

Word Weavers takes the 'little and often' approach to learning, so your child builds good study skills effortlessly, while having fun. There are no mind-numbing repetitive exercises, but through regular practice and sheer enjoyment, students find themselves quickly learning:

wordweavers testimonial.jpg
  • Spells to master spelling and punctuation

  • All about nouns, adjectives, verbs and how to USE them effectively

  • How to get the reading and writing habit

  • How to build a good vocabulary

  • How to use a dictionary

  • How to write essays

  • How writers create effects

  • How to write for different purposes

  • And much, much more

At what age can your child start?

Your child can begin their Word Weaving journey at one of two starting points - Word Weaver Apprentice or Word Weaver Advanced Start, depending on their age and/or understanding of English. Children progress through 4 levels for Word Weaver Apprentice or 3 levels for Word Weaver Advanced Start until they become a Master Word Weaver, whereupon (abracadabra!) they are ready to begin an IGCSE or GCSE course!

The course for younger Word Weavers (start age 8 - 9) consists of the following four levels:

  • Word Weaver Apprentice

  • Word Weaver Wings

  • Word Weaver Wizard

  • Master Word Weaver

The course for older Word Weavers (start age 10 - 12) consists of three levels:

  • Word Weavers Advanced Start

  • Word Weaver Wizard

  • Master Word Weaver




Word Weavers Apprentice


Word Weavers Advanced Start


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