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Friendly, affordable and
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Help with each stage of your child’s English learning journey from aged 8 right up to IGCSEs


Welcome fellow home-educator!  I'm Catherine Mooney and I've been many things in my life - a writer, English teacher, examiner, artist and Open University tutor in Creative Writing - but the most important thing I've ever done is to home-educate my son from the age of five.

Eleven years ago I saw the need for a friendly, approachable distance learning course to help home-educated children take an IGCSE English Language exam, regardless of their ability or starting point. The result was my IGCSE English Language and IGCSE English Literature courses. This was so well received that I wrote further courses including Word Weavers for younger children, a Pre-IGCSE course, and an Essay Writing course.

Alongside Bobbie and Heather, my co-tutors, I have now helped over 1500 students across the world to achieve outstanding results in their English IGCSEs. It makes me especially happy that students with dyslexia and other special educational needs tell me they find my courses approachable, friendly and accessible, enabling them to do justice to their skills while achieving solid exam passes and enjoying the process.



IGCSE English Language

Fees from £295

A comprehensive English Language IGCSE course providing everything you need to help you pass your exam while enjoying the process.


IGCSE English Literature

Fees from £295

A richly enjoyable course that will introduce you to the works of master authors, poets and dramatists while helping you prepare for your IGCSE exam.


Essay Writing

Fees from £150

Everything you need to know about essay writing in a concise but comprehensive course that will help you write essays from GCSE level right the way up to your first year at college.



Pre-IGCSE English

Fees from £160

If you’re not quite ready for an exam level course and need to brush up on the basics while building confidence with writing, this is for you. You are probably aged between 11 and 13.


Word Weavers Apprentice

Fees from £115

Would you like to begin an exciting and magical journey to discover how to be a Master Word Weaver and use spells to control words? Then this course is for you! You are probably aged around 8 or 9.


Word Weavers Advanced Start

Fees from £115

More magical word wizardry, but for slightly older students who might already have the basics in place. You are probably aged between 10 and 12.

“The secret in education lies in respecting the student”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

What Parents & Children Say

My daughter hadn't enjoyed English and we signed her up for Catherine's IGCSE English Language course with two years to do the course. She worked really hard and worked mostly independently using Catherine's textbook, which is very accessible and readable. Catherine was very prompt with marking extra papers and sending comments and my daughter got an A which was brilliant for her. Thank you so much!
Ruth O Connell
We think she's great! Her course seems really easy to me, very user friendly and easy to understand. She is very easy to contact or get advice or support from... had nothing but help and positive encouragement from her...You can take as long or as little time to do it as you like... I don't think you will regret it if you get the course.
Sarah T.
I would recommend this course to anyone. With Catherine's help I got an A+ at just 14 in both IGCSE English language and IGCSE English literature. I was really pleased with the course and the advice I was given. The book is well laid out, user friendly and colourful. I received constant support and guidance.
Annie S.
Catherine's courses are excellent, well laid out and easy to follow, with the emphasis on the student learning for themselves and practising skills which will stand them in good stead, not just for English but any essay-based courses/exams. My daughter did both English IGCSEs with Catherine and gained A+ and A. Catherine was very helpful and encouraging, it was such a relief to have her expertise to draw on.
Kate Ward