Some kind words from students and parents from over the years

Catherine's empathetic and fun approach to teaching my son was invaluable. To this day he loves reading and discussing books. Not bad for a boy who would literally turn his head away from printed material in younger years!  Jacqui, Shropshire

Having sat English Language in November, both my daughters achieved a grade B. We are over the moon. Both had needed some persuasion to complete the course and I was met with cries of "Oh no, not Catherine Mooney" whenever the white folder appeared - nothing personal Catherine! If this is what they can achieve in a subject neither particularly enjoy, the sky should be the limit in those they love. DP
My daughter has really enjoyed doing both the English Language and English Literature courses with Catherine Mooney. At first she really struggled with English and was thrilled last year to obtain a high B grade in English Language. This year she has loved studying English Literature and got an A. My daughter has just got into the 6th form of a Kent Grammar School which we would never have dreamed possible 3 years ago. We are so happy. MT

I would certainly recommend this course to anyone, especially as with Catherine help I managed to get an A* at age 14 in both IGCSE English language and IGCSE English literature. I was terribly pleased with the course and the advice I was given. The book is well laid out, user friendly, colourful and makes one actually look forward to studying! Whenever I needed advice it was quickly seen to and I received constant support and guidance. The course doesn't just make you study to pass an exam but to also build valuable skills for analysing texts and writing your own pieces. Overall I was most delighted with the course and would recommend it to anyone over 11 willing to sit IGCSE English.  TS

Many thanks to Catherine for her great tutoring and support for my daughter. When she began the course she hadn't done any studying for a year but, at just 15, she's managed to get her first GCSE...a B in English Language. Catherine support has made us confident enough to do more subjects this year. Thanks again!! xx JH
As the happiest customer ever, can I just confirm that Catherine Mooney is inspiring, thorough, encouraging, approachable, efficient, confidence-building, nurturing, communicative and downright amazing at what she does. If my daughter goes on to do as brilliantly at 6th form college, I will still credit you with lighting the fire, Catherine. AS

We are a British family who have lived and worked overseas for the past 10 years. We home-school our 3 daughters using a variety of resources and tutors. One problem we have found is the gap between what a course or internet school offers and what they actually deliver, especially in terms of the clarity and content of the material, and the tutor support. I found Catherine Mooney on the internet whilst looking for a suitable pre-G.C.S.E. English course for my middle daughter. Again, the 'talk' looked convincing, but would it be able to deliver on what it said it would? Having completed the Essay writing course I have been incredibly impressed with both the course content and clarity as well as the fast and encouraging tutor support. My youngest daughter will now do the same course and we will use Catherine Mooney Tutoring for G.C.S.E. English for both daughters. If you are looking for a high quality English course that delivers what it promises and is not only out to turn a profit but genuinely cares about each individual student, then as a 10 year 'veteran' as a home school parent who has tried most of what is on offer for U.K. students, I 100% recommend Catherine Mooney! SB

My daughter absolutely loved Catherine's courses, which are written with such humour and clarity. While we tried to keep going after a family bereavement, Catherine offered wonderful support and understanding, while ensuring her feedback remained constructively critical. In November, at the age of 13, my daughter sat the IGCSEs in English Language and English Literature and achieved A grades in both. Thanks, Catherine - you are a great teacher!  Jude Murphy
Catherine's courses are excellent, well laid out and easy to follow, with the emphasis on the student learning for themselves and practising skills which will stand them in good stead, not just for English but any essay-based courses/exams. My daughter did both English IGCSEs with Catherine and gained A* and A. Catherine was very helpful and encouraging, it was such a relief to have her expertise to draw on. Kate Ward

I am home educated and loved studying the English Language course. I found the file very easy to follow and user friendly. The feedback Mrs Mooney gave me was always encouraging and helpful. She is always there to help and guide you. The coursework is colourful and illustrated which brings the work to life. The style of writing is easy to read as it is a chatty and informal. The CDs reinforce the work when you are revising. I have just passed my English Language IGCSE two years early and gained a B. I am over the moon. Thank you Mrs. Mooney. Phoebe

I found your course very helpful and well laid out. It was very user friendly. 
Carissa Lloy

My daughter and I really enjoyed Catherine Mooney's IGCSE English language course. The materials were very attractive and helpful, and the feedback very positive. My daughter is a late bloomer: she was still receiving speech therapy for language delay at age four. So I have to pinch myself now that she has an A grade in her English IGCSE! Many thanks to Catherine and we look forward to following the English literature course this year. Jane

My daughter hadn't enjoyed English and we signed her up for Catherine's IGCSE English Language course with 2 years to do the course. She worked really hard and worked mostly independently using Catherine's textbook, which is very accessible and readable. Catherine was very prompt with marking extra papers and sending comments and my daughter got an A which was brilliant for her. Thank you Catherine!  Ruth O Connell

I achieved an A* in my IGCSE English language exam this year and I couldn't have done it without the help of Catherine's excellent course. Unlike many other study aids for English, her textbook really gets to the heart about what you need to know to pick up the marks in the exam and it's also fun and enjoyable to read! I'm thrilled with my result and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Catherine to anyone else preparing for their English exams. KM

My 15 year old daughter started Catherine Mooney's English Literature & English Language courses last September & got A grades in both this June. We found the courses very straightforward & easy to follow & it was reassuring, having just started with formal home education, to have tutor support & marked assignments so that we knew we were on the right track. CS
We think she's great! Her course seems really easy to me, very user friendly and easy to understand. She is very easy to contact or get advice or support from... had nothing but help and positive encouragement from her...You can take as long or as little time to do it as you like... I don't think you will regret it if you get the course. S.

Catherine is a rare gem, an AQA examiner and a parent who is very good. I say this because we have found her helpful with marking mock papers for the Literature exam which we sat in November. Her guidance and comments really helped at a time when she hadn't got the course up and running. S.

My daughter is doing it and is really enjoying it. She is working through it and is having no trouble following what she is supposed to be doing, and she volunteers to work on it so I get the impression she is
enjoying it too. S.W.
Catherine helped us prepare for IGCSE. Her attention to detail and enthusiasm appealed to my son. Catherine has a wealth of experience and has natural passion. SK

Just want to add to what others have said - Catherine Mooney will give you good advice - A is doing Catherine's English Language course and is really well-motivated and enjoying it. D.

I'm so happy! I really didn't think I was that good at writing. I am so glad I did the Word Weaver books! They have been such fun and I’ve learnt a lot, you write them in such a simple, easy way. So simply in fact, that I hardly realised I was being taught anything because it just sounds like one long, friendly conversation! Brilliant! It wasn’t boring like it probably is in a real school (because then you know that you’re being taught by how the teacher is saying it). Yet when I do your books it’s just like reading a really interesting article. Then when I get to the end I realise that I’ve actually been learning loads of things!  It has been great fun sending emails to you and receiving detailed answers instead of just -you know - getting a tick or X next to the correct or incorrect work. It’s like a talking textbook that replies in friendly conversation to my assignments!. Raffi