IGCSE English Courses

for home educators by Catherine Mooney

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Course Fees and How to Apply

Here is a table of course fees, excluding postage and packing:

Course title

Course Fee


IGCSE English Language


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IGCSE English Literature


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IGCSE English Language & English Literature (inc. £20 discount)


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  Pre-IGCSE English Language   £160   click here to apply

Essay Writing


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Word Weavers (start age 8 -9)

£105 per level

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Word Weavers Advanced Start (start age 10-12)

£105 per level

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Postage and Packing

Postage and packing costs range from £10 - £20, depending on the size of your order. They will be calculated for you on the order form before you pay. If you live overseas, please email me for postal charges.

MPj04308940000[1]Sibling rates and special requirements

If you have other children in the family who want to use the course materials, I will mark their assignments and provide phone and email support for £160 per course. Please note that I can only offer sibling rates for IGCSE courses. You may also have your course printed in large font or on creamy yellow paper, which can be helpful for some students.


indian boy.jpgWord Weaver levels explained

There are 4 levels for Word Weavers (start age 8) and 3 levels for Word Weavers Advanced Start (age 10-12). When your child completes a level, you simply pay for the next book. Please phone me if you are unsure about your child's starting level.

Pay in instalments

You can spread payments for IGCSE courses over 3 months if you prefer. There is an extra administrative charge with this option.

What to do if you have a complicated order

If you have a complicated order (e.g. siblings who want to do different courses) you might find that the application form doesn't automatically cater for your requirements. In this case, please phone or email me for the course costs.

Overseas students

I welcome students from all over the world! Please phone me to discuss assignment submission and postal rates.


Any questions? Email me at info@catherinemooneytutoring.co.uk
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