IGCSE English Courses

for home educators by Catherine Mooney


All about the IGCSE English Language course for Home Educators

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The IGCSE English Language course doesn't presuppose any prior knowledge about English, apart from the basic reading and writing skills of an average 12 year old. However it will give you everything you need to know in order pass the exam within 8 - 18 months (based on the average time taken by students). Unlike some correspondence courses, which can be dry in tone, this course reflects the joy in learning, which I feel should be part and parcel of any English study and should enhance a lifelong love of reading and (hopefully) writing.

The course consists of 10 - 11 chapters (depending on the specification), which cover all the reading and writing tasks you will need for the exam, such as comprehension, composition and creative writing. I give plenty of practical guidance, together with short exercises to test your learning, and I'll tell you all about exam technique. There are 10 - 11 tutor marked assignments, including a mock exam, and the option for extra past paper practice. As with all my courses there is unlimited (within reason!) phone and email support.

In addition to an attractive and engaging full colour course book, complete with audio CDs, you will receive a comprehensive range of e-materials to support your study, including a fully annotated version of the anthology (for the Edexcel course) and a list of exam centres.


Choosing your specification

When you apply for the English Language IGCSE course I will send you the Edexcel Spec A IGCSE materials, unless you specify otherwise. I prefer this specification because it offers the best of all worlds: it is straightforward, has two exams and there is no speaking and listening component to be organized. Furthermore it features an anthology of short pieces of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Two pieces from this anthology are featured in the exam papers, and are reprinted in full, taking a big unknown out of the exam!

All students who apply for my Edexcel Spec A course will receive an annotated version of this anthology. However I do offer other courses for other specifications, which will prepare you for the AQA IGCSE (Certificate 1/2), Edexcel Spec B IGCSE and the CIE (Cambridge International) IGCSE exams. If you are unsure about which board to choose, please phone me so we can check that your choice meets your requirements.

Finally, because all the specifications are very similar, if you wish to swap between them, for whatever reason, you can do so at any point in the course. (This incurs a small additional fee to cover the cost of the supplementary chapters and assignments you will need to effect the transition.)



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